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After right around a time of quiet, 2018 was definitely not the present state of affairs. The year’s been overflowing with market unpredictability, political change, atmosphere calamities, individual information oppressed world, worldwide financial vulnerability thus substantially more. Fortunately we get the opportunity to begin over again on January first. The not very great news is that 2019 guarantees to be similarly as disordered.

Our editors investigated their precious stone balls to foresee what the most sought terms crosswise over Investigator will be in the coming year. A portion of these subjects previously began to stew in 2018. Others appear to be more subtle. What’s for sure is that none of us know how things will play out once the ball drops, the firecrackers blur and 2019 comes surging in. All things considered, making forecasts is fun, so here are our own, in sequential request.

We can say that it is possible to generate wealth from the stock market provided you invest in a company with strong fundamental and good earning potential. If you are planning to invest in stock and looking for a good stock for investment, here is a list of Top 3 Best Stocks for Investment in 2019.

It’s certainly never a dull moment in the markets these days — or anywhere else for that matter. It’s hard to pick the best stocks with all these headlines tugging them in all different directions. The Chinese economy is slowing down to sub-6% growth. Brexit negotiations are in shambles. President Donald Trump’s political troubles are growing. Europe is putting the brakes on quantitative easing.

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The markets are understandably having trouble processing it all. One day China-U.S. trade talks are rallying stocks, but the next day, there’s talk of a global recession and stocks are tanking.

This is when you need quality stocks that aren’t wrapped up in all these issues. This when you need stocks that are moving on trends that are beyond much of this market volatility

TOP 3 BEST STOCKS 2019 that I feature in my special report are the kind of stocks I’m talking about. All are top-rated picks in my Portfolio Grader and will not only be shelter from this storm but great long-term growth companies as well.

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  • LALPATHLAB is consistent performer stock. Historically this stock has given very good returns to the investors.


  • AXIS Bank has shown very good performance in terms of loan growth and net interest income. NPA of HDFC Bank is very low
Best Stocks
Best Stocks


                         TOP 3 BEST STOCKS 2019
       STOCKS 2019                               DEC 2019 TARGET %
       LALPATHLAB                                  1140 (20%)
            RITES                                    350 (25%)
         AXISBANK                                    815 (28%)

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” Investors looking for the best stocks to buy for 2019 should start with these 3 companies. These firms, ranging from a money-center bank to a bargain-basement retailer, have solid prospects in 2019. We’ve also listed five stocks you should consider parting ways with ”

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