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Real NameGhanshyam Yadav
Date Of Birth30/09/1986
Age37 years
Birth PlaceDeoria (UP)
Occupation Trader
HobbiesTrading, Travelling, & Music
IncomeApprox Rs.1 .8 Crore
Net WorthRs. 150 Crore Approx
Social media presentYoutube , Instagram, facebook, Twitter,
Ghanshyam Tech

Background Of Ghanshyam tech

Ghanshyam Yadav, hailing from a small village named Deoria in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India, comes from a humble family. His father worked in a factory in Kanpur. Consequently, Ghanshyam completed his entire school education and intermediate studies in Kanpur. He then moved to Mumbai to pursue a B.Tech degree. While studying for his B.Tech, he engaged in various part-time jobs to make ends meet, including tasks like putting up banners on the streets and installing “No Parking” signs.

Even when he secured a job in an IT company, Ghanshyam continued to work part-time jobs alongside. He even worked as a watchman at one point in his life.

How He discovered Trading

Ghanshyam learned about trading through a friend. When he visited his friend’s house, he noticed that his friend’s father was sitting in front of a computer. Curious, Ghanshyam asked his friend about his father’s occupation. His friend explained that his father was involved in investing and trading in the stock market, and that their household’s income largely depended on it. It was at this moment that Ghanshyam first heard about and began to understand the concept of the stock market.

Ghansyam Tech Trading Journey

Ghanshyam tech started trading alongside his job. He was earning a salary of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000, and he would invest Rs. 15,000 from his salary into trading each month. Unfortunately, for about 1.5 years, he experienced continuous losses. Due to these losses, he decided to quit trading.

However, he couldn’t forget about his friend’s father who was making a daily profit of Rs. 5,000 through trading. This inspired Ghanshyam to give trading another shot. This time, he came back to learn trading instead of just trying to earn money. He started with a small capital of Rs. 5,000 and gradually learned the ropes. After two years of learning, he became skilled in trading.

Eventually, he quit his job, but he faced the same problems he did before – continuous losses. After analyzing his situation, he realized that overtrading was causing his losses. However, he didn’t have much capital left to continue trading.

In a tough decision, he sold his wife’s jewelry and received Rs. 2.5 lakhs. He saw this as his last chance to succeed in trading. If he failed this time, he was willing to give up trading and find another job. Ghanshyam traded cautiously and, this time, found success.He has two YouTube channels: one named “Ghanshyam Tech” with 1.47 million subscribers and another called “Art of Option Learning” with the same number of subscribers.

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Ghansyam Tech Highest Profit & Loss

Ghanshyam Yadav has shared that his highest single-day profit in trading is Rs. 2.65 Crore, while his largest loss in a day is Rs. 1.65 Crore. He emphasizes that it’s possible to make even more profit, but to do so, you need to learn trading. Trading isn’t something you should jump into without knowledge because about 90% of traders end up losing money.

He points out that trading is a zero-sum game, which means that if someone makes a profit, someone else incurs a loss; aside from broker fees, there’s no other middleman. So, the key is to learn trading before you start, and if you’re interested in learning, you can visit his website at

Ghanshyam Tech Trading stratagy

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9 20 stratagy

Ghanshyam Advice For Beginner Trader

  1. Don’t dive into any field without knowledge. If you want to get involved, learn first. The idea is not to earn right away but to acquire knowledge. Start with a small amount.
  2. While learning, identify your mistakes and work on improving them.
  3. Practice a single strategy 200 times rather than trying 100 different strategies once. Your money might run out with the latter, but you won’t learn trading.
  4. Keep practicing and continue your efforts.

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